Excellence in Every Morsel

Red Cherry has grown to be synonymous with premium quality Indian Sweets. It has created a niche for itself for being one of the most premium and giftable brands in Saudi Arabia today.

Quality that delights, In every bite.

Over decades, Red Cherry has grown to be synonymous with premium quality Indian sweets. Using technique, skill and science, our mithai artisans have perfected our recipes, packaging and processes. At hygienic, state- of the – art making facility we mould over 30,000 kgs of sweets everyday to deliver noticeable freshness, patrons can feel, taste and enjoy. Only absolutely fresh, carefully selected ingredients sourced from the best across the country go into making every bite.

Taste of
Royal India

Red Cherry owes its success to its know-how that is the culmination of tradition, innovation and uncompromising quality. The dynamism of Red Cherry is also the result of it’s unrelenting quest to restyle and update its product range, packaging , to cater to the changing demographic and dynamics of changing India.


Luxurious Mithais, Accessible To Everyone

We are obsessed with authenticity and believe in curating flavours that suit your taste and your celebrations. The sweet smelling saffron in our Malpua we get from Kashmir, and the melt-in-your-mouth paneer in our savouries from Delhi – because great taste can never have boundaries.